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3 Security Features to Protect Your Car From Being Stolen

3 Security Features to Protect Your Car From Being Stolen

While neighbourhoods in the UK are quite secure, car crime is regrettably still commonplace. Police forces around the country are trying their best to push these crime rates as low as possible, while offering their assistance in retrieving stolen cars wherever possible. Unfortunately, this battle is seemingly getting tougher to overcome as thieves gain access to better technologies to steal cars more quickly and quietly. However, this doesn't mean that you are left at the mercy of these thieves. You, the car owner, can set up tricks of your own, utilising security features to prevent your car from being stolen or, at the least, be able to retrieve it.

Here are the security features you want to protect your car from being stolen:


Thieves work as discreetly as they can when stealing a vehicle. Without drawing any attention around them, they will quietly work on unlocking your car, turning on the engine, and driving away as if the car belongs to them. As such, one of the best anti-theft measures you can ever install on your vehicle is a car alarm. It can deter all but the most hard-headed thieves today, and many of them will run in fear of drawing attention to themselves the moment the car alarm goes off. After all, an alarm will attract attention from everywhere, and when someone opening the car looks suspicious, chances are that one of the many CCTV cameras or video doorbells that are installed on our streets and roads will capture them in action or people will remember who the culprit is.


As the name implies, immobilisers stop the car from mobilising. It does so by ensuring the car's engine does not start while it is armed. As well as being a powerful device that can prevent key relay theft, key cloning and theft with the actual key, it also prevents a thief from hot wiring in an attempt to start the engine. Once the thief realises that a forged key or hotwiring doesn't work, they will leave and try their luck on another car, saving you the heartbreak of losing your valuable car and the stress of making an insurance claim. Today, many modern vehicles already have an electronic immobiliser installed when they are manufactured but they are easily disarmed using the car key or having the signal from it cloned. So even if your vehicle already has one, a covert secondary system will substantially increase your chances of preventing the theft in the first place so you should still buy them and have them fitted.

GPS Trackers

Remember, even the best security cannot stop a thief from finally stealing a car. A car alarm and even an immobiliser is close to but isn't a 100% solution against theft. However, even if your vehicle is stolen, it doesn't have to be the end of your fight to protect your assets. GPS trackers are readily available and can easily be installed away from prying eyes in the car. This way, should your vehicle be stolen somehow, you know exactly where your vehicle is via your tablet, phone, or PC. An added benefit to installing such trackers is that you can even lower your insurance premiums with it, making it a prominent investment to make if you haven't already installed a GPS tracker in your car.


If your car has yet to enjoy any of the above security solutions, go ahead and get them installed today! A car alarm will help to deter thieves away, an immobiliser will stop your engine from being turned on, and a GPS tracker will help you find the vehicle should your car be stolen. All these security implementations work hand in hand in protecting your vehicle, giving you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is safe and sound in your garage. Apart from this, you can also gain many other benefits like lowering your insurance premiums, making the entire investment even more worth it! offers fleet management solutions, including trackers, dash cams, immobilisers, and more. If you are looking for Thatcham and insurance-approved car trackers and other security measures for your vehicle, purchase from us today!

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