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Best dash cam for Taxi, cab and Uber drivers

Best dash cam for Taxi, cab and Uber drivers

Best dash cam for taxi, cab and Uber drivers

Dash cams are only useful for road accidents right? Wrong.

If you work as a cab, Uber or Taxi driver, you will have heard horror stories regarding inappropriate behaviour by customers and drivers alike and debates about whether they are false or genuine accusations. Dash cams that record both the road in front and within the cabin can provide crucial video evidence which can protect you against the false accusations from customers. Knowing that there is a camera pointing at them can also encourage passengers to behave if they happen to be drunk.

If at this point of the blog, you are now interested in a dash cam with the cabin view feature, recommends the Nextbase 322GW to provide all the above benefits to you. Additionally, as the cabin view camera is equipped with an extra wide 140° camera, this dash cam will record the side windows as well giving you an additional level of security.

All dash cams supplied and professionally installed by are hard wired to your car's electrical system with all the cables hidden away within the trim of the cabin. A passenger upon seeing this will undoubtedly be left with a positive impression of their journey which will hopefully be reflected in more positive feedback and tips.

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