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Revista Telematics benefits from voice assistant technology

Revista Telematics benefits from voice assistant technology

Have you ever had a customer call your business to tell you that they are fed up of waiting for your driver or engineer to turn up and that they now want to know the exact arrival time straight away?

Only for you to then drop whatever it was that you were doing, put the customer on hold, call the driver, only for them to not pick up and then having to apologise to the customer because you cannot answer their query. We can all agree that that is not an ideal scenario.

But what if you were able to put your customer on hold, ask your assistant to give you the vehicle's live location and get an answer each and every time so that you are always be able to give your customers the latest real time updates?

That is surely a much better position to be in and Revista Telematics, powered by Kinesis can deliver this for your business.

This powerful fleet management platform is believed to be the first within the industry to take integrate and advantage of the voice assistance capabilities offered by Amazon Alexa.

With this technology, the ability to find out where a vehicle is and in which direction they are heading is only a voice command away.

Thorough the use of an Echo speaker, Alexa enabled device or Alexa app on a smartphone, Managers can now simply ask a question and get the answer without the need to drop everything and find the answer on a computer or smartphone.

Operators can even ask Alexa who the worst and best drivers are to enable quick reviews to be conducted with the Team, enabling the business to benefit from an increase in productivity, customer satisfaction and efficiency all round.

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