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Why do I need a GPS tracker?

Why do I need a GPS tracker?

For complete peace of mind, installing a GPS tracker to your vehicle is a must. If we are to look at purely the numbers, gathered data provides us with an insight into everything regarding vehicle loss, car damage, security breaches, and theft attempts. In 2020, 74,769 automobiles were reported stolen, for a daily average of 205 vehicles stolen, or one vehicle stolen every 7 minutes. This recorded data covers the national ground, meaning such vehicle thefts were spread out right across the country.

Many people expected that car thefts would reduce because of COVID-19 regulations. However, the economic consequences of a pandemic may have been a significant contributor. According to a recent Office for National Statistics estimate, just 72% of stolen automobiles were ever found. 

When paired with the discovery of a significant spike in keyless auto thefts, it has been established that many occurrences were ‘relay attacks' rather than carried out by "joyriders" or opportunists.

Being presented with such facts can be alarming, even for the safest neighbourhoods. When we are faced with a lack of protection and safety, it is perhaps time to set up safety measures ourselves. An excellent way to do this is to invest in a GPS tracker or go for a multi-layered approach by combining immobilisers and faraday pouches for things like our cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

Because of the surge of these vehicle thefts, we have come up with to a list of reasons as to why you need a GPS tracker right now:

GPS Trackers Can Help Recover Stolen Vans and Cars

If one of your vehicles is stolen, you may use GPS tracking to find out precisely where it is. This increases the likelihood and reduces the difficulty of recovery.

A GPS tracker is a car locator that can help speed up the retrieval of your car. Because most fleets use predetermined routes, your tracking software may send an automated notice in near real-time if a vehicle departs a specific geo zone. The fleet manager can then either call the driver to find out if there is a problem or notify the police.

If you are familiar with your mobile’s Find My Phone feature, you could picture it to be something like this, except this is for your vehicle.

GPS Trackers Can Collect Data and Gather Insights 

GPS software supplies you with valuable statistics that you may utilise to defend yourself against future attacks.

In the case of a theft, the software allows you to examine the data and investigate the occurrences. By analysing what happened, you will also be able to pinpoint the area and draw conclusions about how you or your vehicle became a target. 

You will also be able to take note of preventative measures to keep this from happening again. For example, if an event occurs frequently in a specific area, you may discover patterns and adjust your routes appropriately.

Car dash cams offer an extra layer of security and can be utilised as video proof for claims that your insurance company may demand. Footage may also be used as a learning tool, assisting you in piecing together the circumstances of a theft.

GPS Trackers May Effectively Repel Thieves

Vehicle theft may have a significant influence on the running of a business or an individual's employment. Such events can lead to significant financial loss to a firm, especially if the item or items are not insured.

Most of us rely on our automobiles to make a life. While some of us utilise corporate cars, many businesses rely on automobiles to provide their services. With a GPS tracker and enhanced technology, you may be able to stop thieves with an S5 Plus tracker system and reduce occurrences.


Although GPS trackers are a unique technological innovation, we must also do our part as drivers, employees, car owners, and business owners. Vehicle theft incidents could be severe and may severely impact the different aspects of one’s life. In order to get complete peace of mind, owners must not be complacent when it comes to safety and security.

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