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Why your business needs a fleet tracker

Why your business needs a fleet tracker

Every business wants to ensure that each part of its operation and assets are equipped and well-maintained. When it comes to your vehicle fleet, owners may want to consider adding a fleet telematics system. Fleet telematics would involve having trackers installed on your business vehicle to share location information.

Essentially, your office would be able to have the tech that enables you or your clients to check out where a company car is currently at. Adding a tracker to the vehicle brings about plenty of advantages to your business. 

Here’s a short guide on those benefits:

Allow Customers to Track a Delivery

Customers who are eager for your vehicle to get to them would be able to get some reassurance that their package is coming. With a tracker solution fitted, you can allow consumers to check on their deliveries at any time of day.

Any vehicle fitted with a fleet tracker would be able to provide updates in real-time. This can be much more reliable than a number of scenarios where the driver needs to be called numerous times to be asked for an estimated time of arrival as a heads-up.

Require Less Communication

As implied in the point above, there’s just less communication involved. Trackers help save time and effort for those behind the wheel to type out an update. After all, the tech accurately shows the location and doesn’t require a text to be sent.

This doesn’t just benefit the customers but also the business itself. As there are needs to coordinate the vehicles regarding arrival and departure time, especially if there are plenty of stops lined up, the Manager just needs to refer to the time shown via the trackers if they’re on schedule.

Ensure Great Business Productivity

There are circumstances where employees could be tempted to take a longer than usual break, with no supervision out on the road, who wouldn’t be? Clearly, this can be a little harmful to your company. Not just in relation to the cost of productivity but also customers who may become upset if there are delays to the arrival of their goods or service. The reputational cost could be worse than the financial cost.  

With a fleet tracker installed, the system would log if a vehicle is in one spot for too long. The lack of movement would give the Manager in the office the signal to check in with the personnel and see whether they’re still right on track. These checks and follow up appraisals with the staff can lead to better business management and prevent negative productivity from slowing down the day.

Be Alerted of Any Thieves

A route is usually determined before delivery day. If you look at the tracking technology and see the vehicle veer into a direction you know wasn’t set before, that should be a cause for concern. It’s either the car has been compromised, or your delivery driver is feeling lost. 

On the off chance that it is a thief who’s stolen the car, you can feel secure about calling the police and continuing to track where the vehicle is going. You won’t just be protecting your car, but also all the assets on board and your employees.

Gain Better Efficiency

Tracking technology can often have recorded data about how your vehicle is faring on the streets and the amount of time it takes to make its deliveries. With that information, a business will be able to find the most efficient way to carry out the day. 

Plus, trackers that enable you to deduce the fastest way of getting your deliveries done can bring various a few more perks. For example, an improved route would entail extra time for more deliveries and lower fuel consumption in the long run. Less wear and tear on your fleet combined with the fuel savings could result in a big reduction in costs to your business.

In Summary

It can seem surprising how big of an impact a small inclusion like trackers on your vehicles can make to your business. And if you thought that such sophisticated telematics solutions could only be afforded by large parcel delivery companies, you’d be wrong. Systems like Revista Telematics have been especially developed to provide these features affordably to all SMEs. With low monthly subscription charges and all equipment fitted free of charge, these sophisticated systems that will enhance customer satisfaction can be utilised by businesses of any size.

Interested in getting fleet telematics? provides fleet telematics and trackers, alongside the best customer care and attention to clients all over the UK. Get in touch with us now to see how your business productivity can be improved!

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