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Nextbase 322GW - 2.5 HD 1080p HD Wifi Bluetooth

£199.00 £165.83
  • Fully installed and integrated into your car
  • Resolution 1080p HD @ 60fps, 720p @ 60fps
  • Screen 2.5” HD IPS Touch screen
  • Viewing Angle 140°
  • Lens 6 layer f1.6
  • GPS 10Hz
  • QuickLink Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth - Bluetooth 4.2
  • Polarising Filter Compatible
  • Emergency Response
  • Intelligent Parking Mode

Nextbase are a leading brand when it comes to dash cam technology. Committed to making your journey safer than it has ever been, the Nextbase 322GW 1080p features a 2.5 HD screen with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The emergency SOS feature will ensure that your journey is safe from start to finish and with a built in alert system to notify the emergency services of your location in the event of an accident offers greater peace of mind. A touch screen display and integration with Smartphone devices, this dashcam offers everything you need to stay safe on the road.

All of our dash cams include nationwide mobile installation where the system in fully integrated into the cabin of your car. Once installed the unit will be discreet, there will be no hanging cables and will be hard wired to always be ready to record.

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