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Revista Telematics Dash Cam - Add-On

£199.00 £165.83
  • 4G Enabled
  • 1080p Full HD 30fps Camera
  • 30 Second Videos Uploaded Directly to Inbox
  • Instant Incident Alerts
  • Speeding Reports
  • Discreet install - Size Of An Ice Cube
  • Hardwired Tamper Proof
  • 12 month contract

Combining the Telematics box and a dedicated dash cam, this Revista Telematics product gives you extra eyes and ears on the road. It will completely transform your vehicle into an intelligent, smart vehicle that can navigate around accidents, identify hazards, navigate from where you are to where you want to be with ease and significantly improve car safety. With AI and a network that will connect you to the road, you can record every stage of your journey to get you safely to your destination. With the ability to auto detect and record incidents, you can stream footage to your phone which can be saved, shared or backed up to the cloud.

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