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Revista Telematics Dash Cam Tracker

£249.00 £207.50
  • 4G HD Camera
  • Video Download
  • Tamper Proof
  • Discreet Install
  • Live Map
  • Journey History
  • Speeding Reports

Are you looking for a dash cam that also allows you to access the footage over the air? Would a system that records not only all incidents of speeding but also archives a vehicle’s journey history be of use to your business? Then the Revista Telematics Dash Cam Tracker will put you straight into the driver’s seat with high-quality video footage and proactive alerts. With a forward facing, HD camera discreetly installed and tamper proof, our camera solution allows you to see what drivers are seeing and allows you to view clear footage of incident alerts over the air to act quicker if a problem occurs.

A Dash Cam Tracker that can work for your business

Take Control

With greater oversight of your entire workforce, and when combined with the Revista Telematics Dash Cam Tracker, you can see exactly where vehicles are and what your drivers are experiencing, any time day or night.

Increase Security

The Revista Telematics Dash Cam Tracker gives you another dimension for managing the security of your vehicles and your workforce. In the event of an incident, footage can be used to defend false claims against your business.

Reduce costs

Video footage helps you reduce costly driving behaviours that can lead to accidents, such as lane changing, tailgating, all of which increase risk and increase fuel cost.

Great features from the Revista Telematics Dash Cam Tracker

4G HD Camera

A single front facing camera providing high quality footage of any incident that takes place on the road.

Video Download

Retrieve your video footage whilst your vehicles are on the move. Unlike traditional dash cameras, Kinesis Vision offers remote video download.

Tamper proof

Our cameras are hardwired into your vehicle removing the risk of devices being removed by an unauthorised person.

Discreet install

Our cameras are easily concealed behind rear view mirrors, with no impact on driver viewing area or become a target for thieves.

Live map

Stay informed on the location of your vehicles with updates every 30 seconds for a real-time view of your entire fleet.

Journey history

Review every journey your vehicles have made over a 30-day period via an easy-to-use online portal.

Speeding reports

Review driver speeding incidents with detailed reports showing where, when and recorded speed above the legal speed limit.


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