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Revista Telematics Driver ID Tags - Add-On

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  • Tags to enable monitoring of individual drivers
  • Track driver names on live map
  • Individual journey history reports
  • Personalised driver behaviour reports
  • Gives ability to appraise driver performance
  • No cost hardware
  • 12 month contract

Make technology work for you with the Revista Telematics and Driver ID Tags. Perfect for commercial fleets, this technology will allocate Driver IDs to give you greater ability to track your drivers and vehicles and generate reports based on their driving behaviour. The seamless interface and ease of use means that journey history reports can be created using vehicle information or driver information. Monitor driver performance such as speeding, harsh acceleration and cornering, live maps to display the location of your fleet and take advantage of the detailed journey history and reporting. All of these features and more are brought you by Revista Telematics.  

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