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Thinkware F200 16GB - 1080P Full HD Front 720P External Rear

£329.00 £274.17
  • Fully installed and integrated into your car
  • 1080p Full HD
  • 140° Wide Angle View
  • G-Sensor Incident Detection
  • Speed Camera Alert
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Format Free
  • PC Viewer
  • Mobile App
  • Up To 128GB Micro SD Storage

The Thinkware F200 includes state of the art technology including the parking energy saving mode monitoring system that will monitor the status of the battery and shut down if any issues are identified. With ultra-clear, HD image capture, there is a 140 degree wide angle view to enhance the quality of the images that are captured with the dash cam. Use Wi-Fi to access, download, delete or share footage directly to your phone. Driver safety at its finest with an emergency record button and incident detection feature. Thinkware provide market leading dash cams with the latest innovations and designs to make your driving experience much safer.

All of our dash cams include nationwide mobile installation where the system in fully integrated into the cabin of your car. Once installed the unit will be discreet, there will be no hanging cables and will be hard wired to always be ready to record.

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