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BlackVue CM100 4G LTE Upgrade

£169.00 £140.83
  • 4G LTE module for always-on BlackVue Cloud-connectivity
  • Compatible with data SIM cards from all leading network providers
  • Only to be purchased with BlackVue DR900X dash cam as an upgrade


Simply add the new plug-and-play CM100LTE connectivity module to the basket with your BlackVue DR900X so that once it has been installed and setup, add a 4G Data SIM card to enjoy always-on connectivity to BlackVue Cloud.

That means that you are always connected to your dash cam via the BlackVue app, from anywhere in the world, able to access Cloud features like Live View, Video Back-Up and Real Time Tracking. Should something happen to your vehicle while you’re not around, an incident, an accident or perhaps an act of vandalism - you will receive a push notification via the BlackVue app, and the opportunity to view the footage remotely.

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