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Your vehicle's security is taken to the next level with an immobiliser. An immobilising device offers extra security for your car, van, lorry or other vehicle. At I Need A Tracker, we provide the best immobilisers and vehicle trackers, utilising the latest technology to ensure the safety of your vehicles. This includes the popular and effective ghost immobiliser. Our engineers are mobile and can come to your home or work to install your vehicle immobiliser.

Authorised Partners For Top Car Immobilisers: Autowatch, Sterling & Shadow

We are an authorised partner for top car immobiliser brands. Autowatch, Sterling & Shadow are some of the most trusted engine immobiliser brands. They are also Thatcham and insurance approved, so you know you are getting the very best immobiliser for your car or vehicle.

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What is an immobiliser?

Immobilisers are electronic devices that prevent a vehicle from starting without the right key or key fob. If you have a fleet of vehicles or a particularly valuable car then you may want to invest in additional protection with a more advanced engine immobiliser.

We stock some of the best vehicle immobilisers on the market, including car immobilisers that prevent key cloning, theft and hacking. Choose any of our excellent immobilising devices and you'll be safeguarding the security of your vehicle.

What does an immobiliser do?

An immobiliser will stop your vehicle's engine from running without the presence of the correct key or key fob. This also prevents your car, van or other vehicle from being hotwired and, depending on the immobiliser, can even prevent theft should the immobilising device be removed.

What is a car immobiliser?

Car immobilisers are largely the same as other vehicle immobilisers. The differences in the immobilising device you choose will be based on your security needs – what level of protection you want – and whether or not you want other features that work alongside the immobiliser, such as tracking or telematics.

Can a car be stolen if it has an immobiliser?

An immobiliser will prevent a car's key or key fob from working without it present, and some vehicle immobilisers can also prevent hacking and theft without the key or fob. However, an immobiliser can't prevent towing. Some car theft cannot be stopped entirely but an immobiliser is excellent protection against common key and electronic methods of vehicle theft.

How much does an immobiliser cost?

Immobilisers range in price from around £300 - £500. The difference in cost for an immobiliser will depend on what additional features it has, such as access PINs, remote hacking prevention and protection from key cloning, to name a few.

We offer free immobiliser installation

Immobiliser installation can cost around £200 but we offer free installation on all our immobilisers.

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