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SmarTrack Trackers

SmarTrack is an award-winning brand offering insurance-approved vehicle trackers. SmarTrack trackers are reliable, transferable between vehicles and, uniquely, SmarTrack offers subscriptions that last the duration of your vehicle ownership.

Shop SmarTrack S5 & S7 Trackers

The SmarTrack S5 range of trackers are Thatcham approved and use GPS/GLONASS, GPRS and GSM technology to accurately track your vehicle. Features of SmarTrack S5 trackers include an internal backup battery, driver recognition systems and Global Telemetrics monitoring. 

We also offer a variety of trackers from the SmarTrack S7 range, including the popular and cost-effective SmarTrack Protector Pro – suitable for cars, vans, caravans, fleets, classic cars and high-value vehicles.

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About SmarTrack

SmarTrack was started and incorporated in January 2006 as more security was needed in the Stolen Vehicle Recovery Market. Global Telemetrics Ltd then introduced an all-new approved tracking GPRS platform (GTP1) in June 2010 taking the world by storm with online secure monitored tracking systems and services.

SmarTrack's S5 & S7 Ranges Are Thatcham-Approved

As of January 2013, SmarTrack has activated over 97,000 tracking systems giving them the experience needed to develop the latest in online web tracking solutions with an unrivalled specification to the Thatcham TQA S5 GPS tracker system and S7 GPS tracker system criteria. 

Both SmarTrack S5 and S7 trackers include 24/7 monitoring. Their monitoring centre is manned by highly trained BS7858 approved and experienced Police Liaison staff who have over 20 years experience with tracking devices and call their customers even when the vehicle battery is disconnected... another Industry 1st for added security.

SmarTrack Tracker Awards

SmarTrack now holds a total of 21 awards gaining the coveted Mobile Electronics News award - Bronze, Silver and Gold for Best Tracking Company, Best Stolen Vehicle tracking device and Best Fleet Tracking device for 6 straight years between 2007 and 2012.

Customer Service and value for money is SmartTrack’s main goal when it comes to delivering tracking device solutions and they strive for subscribers to be 100% happy with the service provided. This commitment is underlined by the fact that SmarTrack is the only GPS tracking system provider that allows for subscriptions that last the duration of a vehicle’s ownership.

Whatever asset you own, once you purchase one of their car tracker systems from ineedatracker.com, SmarTrack promises to provide a courteous and professional service to you.

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