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Thatcham Category S7 Trackers

Thatcham Category S7 trackers offer a broad spectrum of features, from standard tracking and locating through to 24/7 alert monitoring. CAT S7 trackers help you secure, monitor and track your vehicle, and can assist you in re-claiming your vehicle in case of theft. Buy an S7 tracker and get free installation.

What is a Thatcham Category S7 Tracker?

Thatcham Category S7 is the new classification of car trackers for what was previously known as a CAT 6 or CAT 7 tracker. Category S7 trackers offer a range of features, alongside GPS tracking and 24hr vehicle monitoring, including motion alerts and tamper alerts. 

CAT S7 Trackers prevent vehicle theft and improve the chance of recovery

Car theft is on the rise so it is important to lower the risk by installing a CAT 7 tracker into your vehicle. CAT S7 trackers provide tow-away and tamper alerts, alongside battery voltage notifications. They also give vehicle owners a much better chance of recovery should their vehicle be stolen, thanks to the GPS and related features. 

Having your vehicle stolen can be both emotionally and financially distressing and can cause a whole host of negative consequences. From having to pay out insurance excess and losing your no-claims bonus to the disruption and inconvenience to your personal life, losing your vehicle to theft can be hugely problematic. Help prevent theft and aid recovery with a CAT S7 vehicle tracker.

Thatcham S7 Trackers are insurance approved

As they are Thatcham approved, S7 trackers allow you to rest assured your vehicle tracker meets the most stringent safety and quality standards. If you are looking for an insurance-approved tracker, an S7 tracker is an effective and economical solution. S7 trackers are usually considered the ideal entry level device for car, van and caravan trackers.

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More About S7 Trackers

We offer free installation of Thatcham Category S7 trackers

The team here at ineedatracker.com are highly experienced when it comes to installing car trackers. We want to ensure you get the best service so when you purchase your car tracker with us, no matter where you are in the UK, we’ll send out one of our expert engineers to install your Thatcham Category S7 tracker and make sure you and your vehicle are completely set-up - entirely free of charge! 

Need Help Choosing An S7 Tracker?

Here at ineedatracker.com we have a wide range of S7 trackers to choose from, all of which have their own intelligent security features to keep your car secure. From SmarTrack to ScorpionTrack, our CAT 7 tracker range is full of highly established tracker system brands.

As a leading provider of vehicle trackers in the UK, we can talk you through everything you need to know about our S7 trackers, to ensure you find the right device that meets all of your requirements. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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