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Free Nationwide UK installation of your car tracker and dash cam.


Trackstar S7

£349.00 £290.83
  • Free mobile installation
  • Includes 1 years subscription
  • BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover approved
  • GPS locating
  • Secure GPS/GSM unit
  • Global coverage
  • Integrated motion sensor
  • Anti-tamper alert
  • Police endorsed
  • Internal lithium battery back up
  • Insurance industry approved


Tamper proof your car with the S7 GPS tracker from Trackstar, officially approved by Range Rover, BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover. As a Category 7 approved car tracker and security system, this device will allow you to seamlessly track and locate your vehicle at any time and in any location. Losing a vehicle to theft can be a worrying experience but these devices allow you to regain control.

Designed and manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards, the Trackstar S7 car Tracker system includes all the features that you would want in a tracking device. Keep your car secure and protect it from unwanted threats with the most innovative GPS tracker technology and monitoring systems.

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