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Caravan Trackers

Caravan trackers are an excellent way of improving the security and protection of your caravan. Whether it’s for insurance policy validation or for your own peace of mind, with caravan thefts on the rise, investing in a caravan tracking device is undoubtedly the best solution when it comes to keeping your motorhome safe. 

Caravan tracking devices are a must for motorhome security 

There are plenty of different ways to secure your caravan. However, caravan tracker systems are one of the most highly effective deterrents from theft and most valuable tools for aiding recovery of stolen motorhomes. With this in mind, installing a tracker for your caravan should be one of your top priorities. 

We can help you find the caravan tracking system for your needs and install it quickly to get your caravan protected.

Insurance-approved caravan GPS trackers

If you are looking for an insurance-approved vehicle tracker, we can help. With caravan trackers such as the SmartTrack Caravan, looking for a Thatcham-approved tracker just got a whole lot easier.

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How does a caravan tracker work?

A caravan tracker uses GPS technology to keep track of your caravan’s location. By monitoring the location all day every day, the caravan tracking system will be able to reveal your caravan’s location if it gets stolen. With built-in movement sensors too, caravan trackers can also alert the owner if the vehicle is unexpectedly moved/in-transit.

Benefits of a caravan tracker

You may be wondering whether a caravan GPS tracker is worth it, but with many leisure vehicles being their owner’s pride and joy, having your caravan stolen can go beyond just being a financial burden. In fact, some caravans are effectively a second home, and with many personal belongings kept in there, they may also be valuable sentimentally too. 

There are many benefits to installing a caravan tracker such as: 

  • Protecting the loss of personal belongs and valuables 
  • Deterring thieves 
  • Being able to support police if the caravan does get stolen
  • Reducing insurance premiums 

Our range of caravan tracking devices helps to deter thieves and increases your chance of caravan recovery. With plenty of different handy features such as 24-hour monitoring and Movement Sensor Alerts, our caravan trackers are equipped with the latest technology to offer optimal levels of protection. Accurate, user-friendly and cost-effective, keep your caravan tracked and secure in real-time with industry-leading caravan trackers.

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