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Meta Trak Pulsar - Battery Powered

£299.00 £249.17
  • 3 Years subscription included
  • Self fit using magnetic case
  • Free next day delivery
  • Easy to use Meta Trak Pulsar app
  • Daily updates on your asset’s exact location
  • Ideal for Caravans, Trailers, Plant Machinery, Boats and Jet Skis
  • Fully IP67 waterproof
  • Geo-fence breach alert
  • 3 Year battery life (Replaceable)

Looking for a wireless tracker without subscription? Then the Meta Trak Pulsar could be the ideal system for you. This is because this tracker comes bundled with a 3 year service package. With the average person changing their car every 2 and a half years, the included 3 year monitoring plan means you can purchase this GPS tracker with no subscription to worry about during this typical period of ownership. No power? No problem. The Meta Trak Pulsar is also ideally suited for use with caravans, trailers, plant machinery, boats and jet skis because this unit is in fact a unique, battery-powered asset protection solution.

*Small, discreet and cost-effective*
*Three-year service package*
*Professional theft management service*
*Easy-to-use app*
*Can be attached onto any steel surface with the magnetic case*

Requiring no hardwiring, the Pulsar unit will be professionally and discreetly positioned by one of our Engineers to ensure optimal performance. To conserve battery power, the Meta Trak Pulsar remains in sleep mode until its daily programmable awake times, prolonging the battery life and ensuring that it’s totally undetectable. The device is pre-set to wake up at an exact time each day to communicate your asset’s location. Should you wish to, you can customise an additional 1-3 wake-up times every 24 hours, to best suit your needs. During a scheduled wake-up, your device will check for, and action, any pending commands:

*Position request - Receive an update of your asset’s latest position*
*Get alerted if the asset moves outside of an established a Geo-fence zone*
*Theft mode - Receive the asset’s location every 60 seconds if a theft has occurred*
*Device battery status - Get a notification if your device battery is low*

The included three-year service package connects you to your asset via the Meta Trak Pulsar app. It's intuitive and easy-to-use and you can manage the tracking of multiple assets from a single account. Should your asset get stolen, Meta Trak will support you with a team of professional theft management specialists. They are on-hand 24/7 to track your asset and liaise directly with the Police to help them locate it.

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