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Car Trackers

Car Trackers

Seeking car tracking devices to expertly monitor and protect your vehicle?® provides insurance approved vehicle trackers and offers free installation for all car tracking systems purchased with us.

Thatcham Approved GPS Car Trackers

GPS car trackers are excellent theft deterrents, preventing stolen vehicles, and act as theft recovery aids should your car be taken. All our vehicle tracking systems are Thatcham approved, helping to lower your insurance premiums, and can include a host of unique features to better monitor your vehicle.

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  1. Vodafone Protect and Connect S7
    £229.00 £190.83
  2. Meta Trak S7 ATS GPS Tracker System -
    Meta Trak S7 - ATS
    £329.00 £274.17
  3. Trackstar S7 GPS Tracker System -
    Trackstar S7
    £219.00 £182.50
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About Our Car & Vehicle Tracking Systems

At®, we have a range of vehicle tracking systems, suitable for cars, vans, lorries and other vehicles. Each vehicle tracking device offers GPS tracking plus a selection of features suited to your vehicle tracking needs, such as telematics, immobilisation, additional sensors, remote control via app and more.

Car Tracker Cost: How Much Do Vehicle Trackers Cost? 

Car tracker costs will vary. Our vehicle trackers start from £199.00, with free installation by one of our Thatcham-approved tracker installers. Depending on the tracker you choose, there are subscriptions for on-going tracking and protection software, which can be paid monthly, annually or for the lifetime of your vehicle tracker.

What Vehicle Tracker Is Best For Insurance?

When it comes to insurance-approved vehicle trackers, as a minimum, most insurance companies will insist on investing in the Thatcham S7 Tracker. This is usually the case if your car insurance company is insisting on a GPS car tracker as a condition of cover. 

As one of the leading providers of vehicle tracking devices in the UK, we are highly experienced and have plenty of knowledge when it comes to helping you determine the best car tracker for insurance. 

We recommend our customers opt for at least a Thatcham S5 Certified tracker rather than a S7 for two main reasons: 

  1. We have experience of customers purchasing an S7 vehicle tracker but finding themselves in the unfortunate position of having to remove it when they renew their insurance and the insurer insisting on an S5 certified tracker. 
  2. Installing an S5 vehicle tracker opens up a wider pool of insurers willing to provide a more competitive quote. This is based on the increased likelihood of recovery in the event of theft. A recent customer of ours looking for a caravan tracker faced a £600 difference in insurance premiums between having and not having a category S5 tracking system installed in their motorhome.

What Are The Best Car Trackers?

With so many different car trackers available on the market, it can be difficult to work out which car tracker is best. Depending on whether you are looking to protect a high-end car, manage a fleet of vehicles or want to get an insurance-approved car tracker to lower your premiums, there are different vehicle trackers to suit your needs.

We are very experienced when it comes to vehicle tracking devices, so we’ll make sure to find out exactly what you are looking for, including any insurance requirements, before establishing the best options for your needs. As a leading provider of car trackers in the UK, we strive to make the experience as simple, fast and hassle-free as possible.

Get in touch with our team and we will be happy to recommend the right tracking devices for your needs.

Do I Need A Vehicle Tracker?

Tracking devices improve your vehicle's security. The importance of safeguarding your vehicle has never been more important than it is now, and with a GPS vehicle tracker, you can achieve peace of mind knowing your car is secure. Using GPS trackers can help both with vehicle security and with recovery of a stolen vehicle.

With the number of vehicle theft incidents increasing over the years, vehicle trackers are becoming a standard requirement when taking out a vehicle insurance policy. Even if they’re not a policy requirement, the installation of a vehicle tracker often decreases an insurance premium. Using a vehicle tracking system is highly recommended.

How Do Car Trackers Work?

A car tracker works through GPS satellite navigation. Once installed, the device transmits signals to the satellites orbiting the Earth’s atmosphere, establishing the vehicle’s location at all times.

The data is then transmitted either to a mobile application or a third-party control centre. So whether you are in possession of the information yourself, or you have chosen for the control centre to monitor your vehicle, you will always know if there is anything suspicious regarding the location or movement of your car. 

To find out the difference between different car trackers, read our blog here.

Where Would A Vehicle Tracking System Be On A Car?

Your GPS tracker won't be obvious to spot, since it needs to be concealed in case of theft. The vehicle tracking device is almost invisible to the naked eye, not out of place. Our car tracker installers will ensure the system looks as though it is part of your vehicle.

What Do GPS Trackers Look Like?

Vehicle trackers are quite small, around the size of a matchbox. A well-installed GPS tracker will often be integrated into the vehicle wiring. They will look like almost nondescript boxes.

How Can You Ensure Your Vehicle's Safety And Security, Beyond A Vehicle Tracker?

Vehicle trackers help you to monitor your vehicle, using advanced cloud tracking software and satellites. To prevent car thieves from stealing your vehicle, you can consider fitting an immobiliser which will stall theft attempts and ensure you can only access your vehicle with proper driver recognition tags, keys or codes.


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