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ScorpionTrack S5 - VTS Plus

£495.00 £412.50
  • Remote Immobilisation
  • 2 x Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) Tags
  • No tag, no start
  • ADR Tag low battery alerts
  • GPS accurate to within 10 metres    
  • European coverage included as standard
  • Tow-away & tamper alerts
  • Multi-Network Roaming SIM for exceptional coverage & reliability
  • Low vehicle battery text alert
  • Location on demand via the internet or smartphone
  • 24/7/365 Non Automated Theft Monitoring
  • Mobile App – IOS and Android
  • Thatcham & Insurance Company approved
  • Automatic health checks – 28 day & on-alert
  • Transferable from one vehicle to another
  • Online paperless registrationSuitable for 12 volt or 24 volt vehicles
  • Heavy Duty Waterproof application available for plant, agricultural and marine vehicles
  • Low Current Draw (<1ma with ign. Off, in sleep)
  • 3 year warranty

*** SPECIAL OFFER - Purchase any Thatcham S5 tracker system and receive a FREE plug and play dash cam bundle worth £89. Bundle includes Nextbase 112 front dash cam, 8GB SD card, carry case, polarising filter and plug and play 12v power lead for self-install (fitting not included)***

The only GPS tracker device that you will need, the ScorpionTrack S5 VTS Plus uses the latest car tracker technology. This is a car tracker system that will respond to any kind of vehicle theft, even the most advanced techniques that criminals use such as relay theft or key cloning. The Plus system combats this with the additional layer of security offered by the Automatic Immobilisation feature. This means that the vehicle will not start without the DRS tag being present.

These tags have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards and have an intelligent failsafe built in whereby they go into sleep mode if they haven’t been moved for a few minutes. This feature helps prevent theft via the use of key signal relay technology. With no signal being emitted to authorise the engine to start, even if you leave your keys near your front door with the car in the driveway the immobilisation feature will remain active. To give you control and added flexibility, this ability can be turned on or off through the dedicated ScorpionTrack app if needed. In the event the car is stolen, the 24/7 Monitoring Team also has the ability to remotely immobilise the vehicle which prevents it from being re-started.

Remote immobilisation may not be suitable for some electric or hybrid vehicles. A member of our friendly team is on hand to check for you.

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