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Fleet Tracking

Fleet trackers and telematics solutions can be pivotal when it comes to monitoring the location of your fleet vehicles and keeping the vehicles and their drivers safe. We have a wide range of fleet telematics and trackers available here at ineedatracker.com - all of which are designed to help you manage your fleet effectively and efficiently.

Working with leading telematics fleet tracking companies such as SmarTrack and Revista, we are proud to bring you some of the best fleet tracking technology on the market. 

Whether you have a large or small fleet of vehicles, installing fleet telematics into your vehicles can offer some fantastic benefits to your business and its efficiency. Our fleet trackers can help you to monitor the speed and usage of your vehicles, and help you determine the most effective routes.

With extensive reporting and timesheet features too, monitoring this type of activity can enhance the productivity of your team and keep them safe. With plenty of experience and expertise under our belts, here at ineedatracker.com, we can help you find the perfect fleet tracker system for your commercial fleet.

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What Are Fleet Trackers? 

Using GPS (Global Positioning System) vehicle tracking devices, fleet telematics tracking works by transmitting important data off a satellite to a receiver. Specialist software then interprets this data and presents it in an easily comprehensible format. The data gathered can provide important insights into the productivity and expenditure of your business when it comes to its vehicles. This will usually cover aspects such as speed, location, time, vehicle identification, and driver information. 

The insights that you can often gather from fleet telematics include: 

  • Real-time vehicle locations
  • How long vehicles have been driving or stationary
  • Cost of reduced mileage
  • Average duration of journeys
  • Mileage
  • Cost of reduced fuel usage
  • Vehicle usage times

What Are The Benefits Of Fleet Telematics?

Fleet telematics allows businesses to be able to measure, identify, and resolve any potential issues which have been caused by their mobility strategy. By reading into the data provided, you can identify out of office usage, speeding, and idling - all of which can help you reduce costs and improve productivity. Fleet telematics vehicle tracking records all of the data in real-time too, which means that you can understand the business in much finer detail without having the hassle and stress of calculating these insights yourself. Additionally, with the recording of specific activities, you will always have the correct data to use when it comes to providing evidence for accidents and other claims. Fleet telematics also encourage much safer driving too - and as a result, can help to reduce insurance premiums. 

Finding The Right Fleet Tracking Device

If you are looking for the best type of fleet telematics, it is likely that you have been presented with many different options. However, if you are overwhelmed with choice, then you can count on our friendly and professional team to talk you through the most suitable telematics solutions for your fleet. With plenty of knowledge and experience, we can help you determine the best tracking and telematics for your fleet.

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