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ScorpionTrack Trackers

Secure Your Vehicle With A Scorpion Tracker Today

Scorpion Trackers offer comprehensive coverage, protecting against all modern day theft techniques, from relay theft to key cloning, while providing vehicle tracking and a host of other features. 

Entrust the safety and security of your vehicle to one of the UK's leading manufacturers of vehicle telematics and security. You may already know ScorpionTrack from their starring role on the BBC's Thief Trackers series, and as the winner of multiple accolades including the ITN Best Vehicle Security & Telematics Provider Award.

Scorpion trackers are Thatcham approved, insurance approved and highly rated by users. Protect your vehicle with a ScorpionTrack S5, S5 Plus or S7 tracker for complete peace of mind.

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Scorpion Trackers: Everything You Need To Know

Scorpion Tracker Installation

Our team can help you get your ScorpionTrack tracker fitted wherever you are. Our service is fast and convenient to make your vehicle secure and trackable as soon as possible. 

How Much Do Scorpion Trackers Cost?

ScorpionTrack devices range in cost depending on your choice on tracker category. The lowest cost option is the S7 at £189.00 incl. VAT. The S5 is priced at £379.00 incl. VAT. The most expensive, the S5+, is £479.00 incl. VAT.

You will also need to purchase a subscription to ScorpionTrack for live, ongoing tracking and security monitoring.

Scorpion Tracker Subscriptions

ScorpionTrack devices offer a host of security features out of the box. Ongoing tracking features are enabled through a Scorpion tracker subscription, ensuring your vehicles are equipped with live tracking for route planning, to keep fleets on schedule, and to monitor your vehicles in case of theft. A Scorpion tracker subscription is a necessity to track and protect your vehicle on an ongoing basis.

How Much Do ScorpionTrack Subscriptions Cost?

Subscriptions for Scorpion trackers range depending on the number of years of cover you are looking for, and the category of tracker you choose: S5 or S7.

S5 Scorpion tracker subscriptions start at £149.00 for 1 year. You can purchase up to 5 years of support, or opt for a Lifetime of Vehicle Ownership subscription for £599.00.

S7 Scorpion tracker subscriptions start at £129.00 for 1 year. You can purchase up to 5 years of support, or get a Lifetime of Vehicle Ownership subscription for £499.00.

Are Scorpion Trackers Good?

ScorpionTrack is considered one of the best vehicle security and telematics brands. Scorpion trackers are reliable and comprehensively secure. They can be used for personal vehicles and fleets of vehicles – such as HGVs and plant machinery. 

Scorpion Tracker Reviews

ScorpionTrack is consistently well reviewed. They are partnered with some of the most well-known car manufacturers, including Aston Martin and Subaru. Scorpion has won a number of awards for their trackers, including ITN Best Vehicle Security & Telematics Systems Provider Award 2018 and Made in the UK National ‘Automotive Award’ 2018

ScorpionTrack & Vehicle Security

Is A Scorpion Tracker Thatcham Approved?

Scorpion Automotive trackers are Thatcham approved. They meet the UK insurer Thatcham Security Certified (TSC) criteria. Thatcham’s rigorous and comprehensive testing ensures that devices that meet their approval are both security and safety compliant.

Are Scorpion Trackers Insurance Approved?

Are all the ScorpionTrack trackers insurance approved? Do they all meet the minimum level for insurance approval? Are some types better for certain vehicles, such as are S7 better for insurance premiums on high value cars? 

All the Scorpion trackers on offer at ineedatracker are insurance approved. This means that whichever level of ScorpionTrack device you select, you can be assured it will meet the requirements of your insurer. Choosing an approved tracker is essential to keep your vehicle safe and secure, and often helps to lower your insurance premiums. 

How To Use A Scorpion Tracker

How Does A Scorpion Tracker Work?

A ScorpionTrack device uses the combined technologies of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) to accurately track the location of your vehicle. With the device fitted, and the support of the ScorpionTrack monitoring centre, you will have the protection of 24/7 theft monitoring. This includes alerts for vehicle access and movement.

Scorpion trackers include features beyond tracking and immobilisation, namely:

  • Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) tags – and a "no tag, no start" feature so your vehicle can't be operated without the presence of a tag. 
  • Low Vehicle Battery Alerts – which will send a text to your chosen number when your vehicle's battery is low. Only available with S5 and S5+
  • Mobile App – Available for iOS and Android, allowing you to check in on your vehicle from wherever you are. 
  • Automatic Health Checks – so you don't have to worry about staying on top of the maintenance of your vehicle day-to-day.

As A Tracking Device

Installing a tracking device will let you know where your vehicle is at any time. Installation is a one-time task and will give you peace of mind for years. If you do get a new vehicle and want to keep your tracking device, Scorpion trackers are fully transferable.

For delivery and transport businesses, this allows you to easily manage the vehicles in your fleet, including accessing location details and driver behaviour analysis, plus other features, like battery condition and geofence alerts. All from your control room, helping you stay on top of your drivers' progress.

A ScorpionTrack device enables high-level, accurate and consistent vehicle tracking, with GPS coverage to within 10 metres and European coverage. 

For Stolen Vehicle Tracking

ScorpionTrack fleet's innovative technology has vehicle security as a priority. A ScorpionTrack device ensures comprehensive protection and monitoring for your vehicle thanks to the following features:

  • Full 24/7/365 Theft Monitoring – if possible theft is suspected on your vehicle, Scorpion will be notified immediately at the UK mainland or international control centre, depending on where your vehicle is located.
  • Remote immobilisation – many Scorpion trackers have remote immobilisation in case you forget or need to prevent theft.
  • Police support – location details can be shared directly with the police control room. This increases the recovery rate in the cases of theft.
  • Multiple theft alerts – a comprehensive range to suit your security needs, notifying you, or approved app users, of vehicle access, movement and possible theft
  • ADR tags – which helps to combat key theft, a common type of modern car theft.

How Do You Use A Scorpion S5 Tracker?

  1. Select your Scorpion S5 or S5+ tracker. 
  2. Arrange for installation – our team will install any tracker you purchase with us.
  3. Download the app – once installed, your Scorpion S5 tracker can be accessed via the online portal or mobile app. 

Your device should come with advice on its operation but if you need further guidance, check the S5 Quick Start Guide for information on available features and the answer to common FAQs.

How Do You Use A Scorpion S7 Tracker?

  1. Select your Scorpion S7 tracker.
  2. Arrange for installation – our team will install any tracker you purchase with us.
  3. Download the app – once installed, your Scorpion S7 tracker can be accessed via the online portal or mobile app. 

You can access guidance on the features and operation of your S7 tracker in the Scorpion Quick Start Guide.

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