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Datatool Stealth S5 Bike Tracker

£359.00 £299.17
  • Free mobile installation
  • Dedicated motorcyle/scooter tracker system
  • Thatcham S5 Certified
  • G Sense notification system to alert emergency contacts in the event of high speed impact
  • Optional "Direct to 999" crash alert system
  • Geofence alerts
  • Early warning movement alerts

The Datatool Stealth S5 bike tracker is supplied with Rider ID tags that deliver a significant security enhancement from the original TrakKING Adventure product. As soon as the ignition is switched off, Stealth S5 creates an invisible geo-fence around your motorbike and starts monitoring for signs of unauthorised movement. If the unit detects movement within the geo-fence the (optional) early warning movement text will be triggered, informing you of a potential theft event.

If your bike or scooter is subsequently removed from the geo-fenced area without the Rider ID tags present, the advanced Stealth S5 motorcycle tracker will enter alert mode, notifying the Datatool 24/7/365 monitoring centre, who will in turn contact you immediately to verify the cause of the alert. If you confirm your bike is stolen, the monitoring team will liaise with the police to aid recovery.

As well as giving you peace of mind, the Datatool S5 bike tracker offers rider convenience features such as full journey history logging and the ability to create location or event based alerts. In normal use, Stealth will record the vehicle position every 15 seconds and upload that data to the cloud every 2 minutes, giving you a permanent record of every journey. Stealth is a true pan European product, with coverage available in all of Western Europe and many countries beyond. 

In addition to the tracking capabilities, Stealth also monitors the vehicle battery and will notify the owner of a low battery condition before the battery becomes completely discharged. If the battery is disconnected an alert will be sent to the monitoring team. With 24/7 monitoring and dedicated staff, Stealth Adventure really does deliver peace of mind.

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