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Free Nationwide UK installation of your car tracker and dash cam.


Meta Trak S7 - ATS

£329.00 £274.17
  • Free mobile installation
  • Includes 1st years subscription
  • 24 Hour Control Room Monitoring
  • European Coverage
  • Battery Backup
  • Journey History & Score (up to 30 days)
  • Instant Alerts
  • Low Battery, Tamper and Geo-Fence Alerts
  • Motion Alerts

Meta Trak is an official UK suplier to the likes of Audi and Cupra in the UK and their S7 ATS GPS tracker is one of the most reliable car tracker devices that you can install in your vehicle. Insurance approved and Thatcham accredited to Category 6 and S7 this GPS tracker system will not only improve vehicle security but could also help with your insurance premiums too.

Through the feature rich app, you can access live tracking information and a 24 hour control centre as well as benefit from technical features such as battery backup, journey history and score, alerts for low battery, tamper attempts and Geofence, this device has everything you need to rely on to ensure that your vehicle is secure, at any time in any location.  

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