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Free Nationwide UK installation of your car tracker and dash cam.


Shadow Immobiliser

£499.00 £415.83
  • Free mobile installation
  • Multi-Option Connected Immobiliser
  • Complete Remote User Control Through App
  • Secure De-activation with Driver Card
  • Prevents engine from starting
  • One Off Cost, No subscription Required
  • Automatically Arms and Disarms
  • Compatible with Electric Vehicles
  • 12 Months Warranty

What is the Shadow immobiliser?

The Shadow Immobiliser is the UK’s first connected immobiliser, allowing you to secure your vehicle with innovative and reliable technology. This means that the Shadow Immobiliser automatically immobilises your vehicle within 90 seconds of when your ignition is switched off with no additional steps or procedures for you to undertake. The Shadow Immobiliser is operated through the mobile app or presence of our unique Driver Detection Cards, eliminating the need to remobilise the vehicle through manual processes such as sequencing.

The system works by immobilising your vehicle as soon as the ignition is switched off. To start your vehicle, you will need to have the card or the secure mobile app open inside the vehicle. The simple to use cards are rechargeable via USB and the App is available for Android and Apple devices.

The brand new Shadow Immobiliser is the first app-based immobiliser to be launched anywhere in the UK, offering an additional layer of security in order to protect your vehicle from theft. At a time where violent vehicle crime is increasing and thieves are becoming ever more innovative in their methods, the Shadow Immobiliser is the most secure method of protection for your vehicle, and the most convenient solution for the driver.

Insurance expenses, potential loss of No Claims Bonus, time and expense of replacing your vehicle, not receiving a correct market value settlement, loss of sentiment and emotional distress are just some of the many implications you could face if your vehicle is stolen. With hot hatches, family cars, appreciating classic cars, luxury and commercial vehicles being targeted everyday by organised criminals, protect your vehicle from being stolen with a Shadow Immobiliser.

7 Reasons to install the Shadow Immobiliser

Covert system installed by experienced vehicle security specialists.

Shadow Immobiliser offers distanced and immediate immobilisation – giving you ultimate control of your vehicle’s security. Minimises the overall risk of theft or violent crime such as hijacking or breaking and entering.

The Shadow Immobiliser can be used as a stand-alone security measure, or in conjunction with other security features such as tracking devices or alarm systems giving you a multi layered approach to your car security solution

Shadow works exclusively with your mobile device or Driver Detection Card, utilising exclusive cloud-based systems and technology.

Using intelligent and advanced technology, the Shadow Immobiliser can be fitted to all vehicle types including classic, hybrid and the newest battery electric vehicles.

The inclusion of a Service Mode allows other people to drive your car without alerting them to the fact that you have an immobiliser installed. Putting the device into “Service Mode” is quick and easy to do via the mobile app. Simply activate Service Mode to enable the vehicle to be driven without the presence of your Shadow Driver Detection Card. Remember to deactivate Service Mode once the vehicle is back in your possession.

The Shadow Immobiliser is a standalone immobilisation system, therefore no subscription or ongoing costs are required.

12 months manufacturer warranty included is included as standard.

Unique Scheduling Ability

The Shadow Immobiliser offers the most convenient solution to vehicle security. Simply input your schedule via the Shadow Immobiliser app and the intelligent system will allow the driver to start the engine, without a Driver Detection Card or app instruction, freely within the stated time period. To drive the vehicle outside of the specified schedule, the app must be opened or a Driver Detection Card presented. 

Using this feature which uses Cloud based technology, the Shadow Immobiliser is ideal for Commercial use. With  the ability to schedule override times, the Shadow Immobiliser App offers maximum security and ultimate convenience for larger fleets of vehicles. The Scheduled Override facility enables Managers to secure their whole fleet of vehicles at a touch of a button, without the need to distribute multiple Driver Detection Cards or give individual App access. With flexibilility being a major benefit of this system however, the option to pair a Driver Detection Card and App Account multiple vehicles is still there if desired.

Free Apple/Android App

In the absence of a Driver Detection Card (or Scheduled Override), simply open the free Shadow Immobiliser app. The app will instantly initiate biometric security and send a command to allow the vehicle to be driven within 30 seconds. The phone must be within Bluetooth range of the vehicle with the app open in the foreground to allow the engine to engage. Once the ignition has been turned off, it can take up to 90 seconds for the system to activate

Driver Detection Cards

In order to start the vehicle’s engine, a Driver Detection Card must be present within the vehicle. The Card does not need to be tapped, or swiped anywhere and instead works on proximity for the utmost convenience. The Driver Detection Card should be turned off or stored in the supplied Faraday Pouch when the vehicle is not in use.


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