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ScorpionTrack X-Series Immobiliser

£499.00 £415.83
  • Free mobile installation
  • Completely covert immobiliser 
  • Compaitible with most cars including electric
  • Uses secret pin code to deactivate
  • Cannot be remotely hacked as no signals are emitted 
  • Effective protection against key relay attacks
  • Manufactured in the UK to ISO standards


The X-Series immobiliser prevents Key Relay theft where criminals use specialist key cloning and key coding devices to steal cars equipped with keyless entry and push button start features in 30 seconds or less. These devices pick up the signal from the car key within your home and uses a transmitter to make your car believe the key is present, opening the car and allowing the thief to start it.


The X-series prevents your car from being stolen by using a combination of buttons and switches in your car to enable/disable the immobiliser. To make this immobiliser even more personalised the PIN sequence can be changed by the owner at any time, making it unique to yourself and your car.

Open your vehicle as normal and press the pre-set PIN sequence at any point into the existing vehicle controls and your car starts as normal. The X-Series immobiliser is so advanced that it will refuse to let you start the car even with the key present until it has been disarmed.


There is no need to remember to reactivate the system once you have completed your journey, once the vehicle has been turned off the system will automatically activate which means that the X-Series will always be protecting your vehicle.

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