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BlackVue DR750 - 2CH LTE Front and Rear 4G Enabled

£499.00 £415.83
  • Supplied with cigar lead
  • Free delivery for self-fit
  • Built-in 4G SIM card reader
  • No additional hardware required for always-on Cloud-connectivity and alerts
  • Dual Full HD 1080p with smooth 60 frames per second video (30fps rear)
  • Sony STARVIS image sensors for best day and night quality and clarity
  • Connect to your camera anytime with BlackVue Cloud
  • Built-in GPS adds location and speed data overlay to recordings
  • Wi-Fi for connection to smartphone via BlackVue app
  • 139˚ ultra-wide viewing angle captures every detail
  • Intelligent Parking Mode protects your vehicle even while you’re not around
  • Loop Recording and Event File Overwrite Protection
  • Impact Detection, Motion Detection and Time Lapse Recordings
  • Enhanced Night Vision for optimal low-light video quality
  • 32GB microSD memory card included as standard
  • Discreet stealth design & quick release windscreen mount
  • BlackVue App for iOS & Android
  • BlackVue Viewer for PC & Mac

The BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE is the dash cam system that the public have been screaming out for - always connected, data sim enabled and remotely accessible. It is a truly advanced video surveillance system for your car. With no need for any additional hardware, it features built-in 4G LTE connectivity, meaning you are always connected, enabling unique features like Remote Live View, letting you monitor your vehicle from anywhere in real time - it’s like always having a pair of eyes on your car.

Rest easy knowing that your BlackVue is always capturing and saving video evidence – front and rear, and the built-in SIM card slot means your dash cam is always connected to BlackVue’s industry-leading Cloud services. Simply insert the Vodafone data SIM which comes which comes with an exclusive pay-as-you-go package that gives a 40GB allowance for just £4 per month or alternatively use a SIM from any of the popular UK networks - and you’re ready to go.

With Full HD 1080P performance, the DR750-2CH LTE provides class-leading protection for your vehicle by recording fluid 60 frames per second video footage (rear @ 30fpps) via an ultra-wide lens with a 139° viewing angle. A Sony STARVIS image sensor ensures the best possible image quality under any lighting conditions. Also included is GPS logging, Wi-Fi, Cloud-connectivity and impact and motion detection. All this in a stealthy compact design.

The DR750-2CH LTE is also compatible with BlackVue Cloud - a unique suite of LIVE app-based features that remotely connects you with your vehicle, providing additional functionality including Live View, Remote Video Playback, Video Backup, Realtime Tracking and Emergency Notification Alerts. (Remote connectivity and parking mode features require hard-wired installation)

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