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Best Car Trackers For Jaguar

Best Car Trackers For Jaguar

Jaguar cars have long been synonymous with quality and prestige motoring. The legendary E-Type sports car, still coveted today following its introduction in 1961, remains, despite the global advances in technology, one of the great drives.

These days the emphasis is on SUV models as the world of motoring has largely moved on from flamboyant sports cars but one thing remains as true today as it has ever been: This British brand is still as desirable to car thieves as it ever was.

Protection from tech-savvy criminals is vital and car trackers are a powerful tool in the fight against crime. So what are the best car trackers for Jaguar?

The Car Tracker Story

Initially conceived for military use, the first GPS (global positioning system) satellite was launched in 1978 but it wasn’t until 1996 that the then President of the USA, Bill Clinton, ensured that the technology would be made available for public use as well. Since then the number of satellites deployed has increased to the extent that pretty much the whole globe is covered. These days the science of GPS and Bluetooth technology is so well advanced that it is deployed by commercial fleet users by way of telematic systems that monitor vehicle and driver activity and of course by private motorists to help protect their cars from theft. 

Best Car Trackers For Jaguar

Vehicle tracking devices work by emitting a signal that is picked up by three or more satellites which triangulate (or more correctly ‘trilaterate’) the position of a car tracking device back to a central receiver. This way, among many millions of vehicles, an individual car can be pin-pointed to within ten metres or less enabling the police to quickly recover a stolen vehicle.

Stealing motorised vehicles and machinery is big business with private cars, caravans, motorhomes and even agricultural equipment stolen to order. Random acts of ‘taking and driving away’ have to a great extent been eliminated by better locks and immobilisers but professional criminals know their way around car technology. Prestige motors are always popular and high on the shopping list of crime are Jaguars.

Fitting a vehicle tracking device just makes sense on a premium car. Seen against the original cost of buying a car, the additional cost of comparing and fitting one of the best car trackers for Jaguar vehicles is a comparatively small price to pay for extra protection.

In fact, the company actually recommend a specific brand. The Trackstar™ range of GPS tracking devices, like the Trackstar S5, are considered to be among the best car trackers for Jaguar. The S5 unit offers global coverage, all day every day. Fitted by professional technicians who install the units so well they are hard to find, they come with motion sensor technology and sophisticated driver identification features like a unique driver identification card which helps protect against key cloning and relay theft. Importantly, Trackstar car trackers are approved by the Thatcham Research Centre.

Who Are Thatcham Research?

The Thatcham Research Centre is a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation funded by the insurance industry that looks at the benefits or otherwise of automotive technology. Being Thatcham approved means vehicle security equipment does what it says on the box. Such devices are then looked upon favourably by insurance companies when quoting for premiums, saving the owner money. 

How Can I Protect My Jaguar?

Possibly the single biggest issue with car theft is the rise of key cloning. Many cars now have keyless entry which means as the driver approaches with the Key or fob, sensors in the vehicle recognise the signal and unlock; all very convenient. It’s very convenient too for car thieves who, understanding the science, use a ruse called ‘relay theft’ to take a car, often right off of a private driveway.

Inside the house, the fob is emitting its signal and a thief, right outside can use a simple device that relays the signal to another device adjacent to the vehicle and that’s it. The car is gone. So What’s the solution?

Well, if the crooks can’t access the signal, they can’t access the car. Keeping the key away from doors and windows is a start but there’s more that can be done. Putting keys in a sealed tin box will block the signal. Similarly, and possibly more conveniently, using a metal- lined Faraday pouch will also block the signal. It’s simple: If the thieves can’t access the signal they can’t access the car and they’ll move on to the next victim.

Parking The Jaguar

When leaving a car in a car park, these days we tend to push the button and walk away without further thought. Right there, in broad daylight, a car thief can block the lock signal and the car remains open and the contents vulnerable. The best thing to do is watch the car to ensure it is locked, ensuring the lights flash. Always follow the locking procedure.

Plenty Of Choice

Just as car criminals have plenty of choice when it comes to vehicle theft so owners have a wide selection of car protection devices to call on and there are devices for all budgets. Don’t think for a moment that stolen cars are all selected from the premium makes. There is money to be made with mainstream motors too. Astra, Corsa and Golf models disappear all too frequently, regularly featuring in top ten stolen cars listings.

It is fair to say though that it is prestige cars that professional crooks love to target. Unscrupulous buyers, home and away, are ready and waiting and it’s big business. That’s why protecting valuable vehicles like models from the Jaguar Land Rover stable is vital. Using car trackers, immobilisers, even dash-cams can help fight car crime. Why make it easy for them? Start your search online to find out more about the best car trackers for Jaguar cars.

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