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What Is The Best Porsche Tracker?

What Is The Best Porsche Tracker?

May 2017 saw the milestone of one million Porsche 911 sports cars reached. The 911 model is something of a legend in that it doesn’t change in any dramatic sense, it just evolves as automotive technology improves, but the essence remains.

The model continues to be in huge demand but it comes at a cost because statistics clearly show that the Porsche 911 is one of the prestige cars most likely to be on a car criminal’s ‘want’ list. That’s why Porsche recommends fitting a GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking device as a priority; so what is the best Porsche tracker?

Best Porsche Tracker

Riding the wave of success, the famous German brand has expanded its range to include saloon cars, SUV models and even electric vehicles but they all have one thing in common and that is desirability. Car thieves these days are very professional. They use the latest technology to steal cars and even a vehicle with the most sophisticated door locks and factory-fitted security systems are easy prey. That’s why Porsche recommends the fitting of at the very least a Thatcham approved Cat 5 car tracker.

But Car Trackers Are Expensive

Not necessarily as GPS car trackers come in at a wide range of prices and it’s a good idea to consult an industry approved nationwide company that can fit a hidden tracker at your home or place of work with a network of professional technicians. 

Consider this: At the time of writing this (and post-pandemic) we heard of a Porsche customer who was delighted to hear that an allocation had been made on his order for a Porsche 911 GTS Touring model. He could get it quickly… but for an additional premium of £85,000 over the already enormous dealer price! It’s not known if he chose to go with that option but it is a fine example, having gone to those financial lengths, of how Porsche doesn’t just make cars that you simply buy, they can also be a huge investment that should be protected. It is clear then, that with the huge sums of money involved, the cost of a car tracking device is but a tiny spend in comparison to the cost of the car.

Probably the best Porsche tracker is the S5 VTS from the Vodafone brand. This company has fitted over one million units since its inception and is Thatcham Research certified and recommended by many car makers. The S5 Plus is a tracker system that goes the extra mile in protecting your Porsche vehicle. Thieves can run but they can’t hide as the tracker will automatically alert the Team who will be monitoring from a secure operating centre. It’s no good the crooks disconnecting the battery either, as the tracking device has a backup battery.

Some prestige cars come supplied with security measures but their weaknesses will already be known to the crooks who will disable them. A Porsche car tracker carefully fitted and hidden by an approved technician is another thing entirely.

That’s why fitting a hidden GPS tracking device just makes sense. It’s worth noting too that car insurance companies will look kindly at a responsible owner who takes this step. The police have a very high recovery rate of tracked vehicles, but an additional safeguard is to protect your car from the principal method used by car relieves, called relay theft.

What Is Relay Theft?

The introduction of keyless cars rendered the need to physically unlock car doors with a key obsolete. The supplied key/fob is recognised by sensors in the vehicle which unlock and prime the vehicle ready for starting as the key-holder approaches, which is all very convenient.

Relay theft stems from this: The key or fob, when in proximity, emits a signal that the vehicle receives. This signal can be intercepted and that’s the issue. Using relatively easy to obtain technology, professional car thieves can take a car straight off a driveway day or night simply by intercepting that signal. 

Assume, as most people tend to do, the key/fob is left in a handy spot near the front door of a home. Working as a team, one thief will stand right by the front door, wall or window and their cheat device will boost the signal. This signal is then relayed to a second crook next to the car who has a second device that can use the signal to unlock your vehicle. Simple; only takes a couple of minutes at the longest and that precious, hard-earned Porsche is on its way to pastures new, stolen to order.

Locating the fob further inside the house in a tin box or a metal-lined Faraday pouch are very inexpensive ways to block the signal, thus thwarting the criminals.

My Car Has Gone: Now What?

If a car tracker, like the Vodafone S5 VTS for a Porsche, has been fitted then the unit will send a signal allowing the control centre to track the vehicle in real-time, which is how GPS works. Put simply, the signal from the tracker is picked up by as many as four satellites. The receiver notes the exact time the signal was received and by triangulating those signals and adjusting for the time difference, location and movement can be calculated.

No matter how clever or discreet the thieves think they are, the authorities will know where the car is to the nearest ten metres at any one time. 

Motoring Security

For people who love driving for pleasure, the Porsche 911 sports car is possibly the pinnacle of a powered 4-wheeled machine. These days they come with options like all-wheel-drive and offer handling that is second to none. It’s the perfect weekend away car. In this day and age, It is a sad fact of life that there are some people out there who would like that pleasurable experience without feeling the need to pay for it. That’s why consulting a trusted online supplier about buying the best Porsche tracker should be the first port of call on new car delivery day.

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