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Best Range Rover Trackers & How To Find The Right One

Best Range Rover Trackers & How To Find The Right One

Land Rover are probably one of the best known British automotive brands. Their robust vehicles have legendary off-road ability and seem to go on forever. The company was not however prepared to rest on its laurels: Instead, in 1970, they introduced the premium Range Rover sub-brand and the rest as they say, is history. The Range Rover today is an automotive design icon and one of the most prestigious vehicles available, offering luxury motoring combined with the very best in off-road ability.

Sense Of Security

Few cars are as sophisticated and sought after which is why the sensible owner seeks to protect the substantial financial commitment made by fitting a vehicle tracking device from among some of the best Range Rover trackers available. Why is this necessary? Well, the sad truth is that the Range Rover is one of the most attractive targets for car thieves. It would appear that there is a ready market just waiting to receive a ‘stolen to order’ vehicle.

It can also be a shocking and distressing experience for an owner; finding an empty space where the car once stood. After all, criminals have no regard for personal feelings or specific needs, they just want to profit from the misery of others. Little wonder then that owners seek advice from professional car tracker suppliers.

It’s true that Range Rovers offer traditional steering locks and keyless entry which are ideal for deterring the opportunistic thief but they offer very little deterrence against specialist car thieves who steal to order.

The days of hot-wiring a car are long gone thanks to much improved in-built car security. The problem is that the criminal fraternity have kept pace with the best efforts of car makers and have become very sophisticated. An adjacent laptop and some technology know-how and that much loved vehicle could be gone in sixty seconds. This is where car trackers come in:

The Best Range Rover Trackers

As with everything, the best car tracker to buy is the one that fits in with a personal budget. That said, a Range Rover is a high value vehicle that requires the best technology money can buy. That’s why most owners will trust in the Thatcham name. Thatcham Research are the name to consider when it comes to vehicle tracking devices. They have been around for over fifty years and work closely with the police, car manufacturers and insurance companies and it is Thatcham that sets the standards followed by the best car tracker brands.

For example, the Thatcham S5 category is designed to offer near-total protection and a variety of different brand names offer a range of units that variously cover all aspects of vehicle security, be it twenty-four hour monitoring, engine immobilising, driver ID tagging (see below), GPS tracking of vehicles on the move and much, much more. These systems are suitable for both personal or business use and it’s worth noting that Thatcham certified systems are the only ones that insurance companies recognise on their database of approved car trackers.

Where Can You Get A Range Rover Tracker Fitted?

There are plenty of cheap devices on the market that car owners can use with their cars. They require little or no expertise to fit. That said, the more desirable the car, the more sophisticated the tracking device should be. The best are fitted by experts at their premises or at the owner’s home preferably through a company that has a national network of Thatcham approved engineers. Technician fitted units are secreted somewhere about the vehicle, making them very difficult to locate. 

Thieves may well expect that a tracker exists on a vehicle and will know that the coordinates for the vehicle’s location are known to the police in real time. The criminals will thus make urgent efforts to locate the tracker and disable it, which is why an approved professional fitment is deemed the best approach as it will be well hidden. Most owners don’t even know the whereabouts!

About Driver ID

Systems vary but the principle is the same. When the owner is approaching the vehicle the car will ‘recognise’ the tag and allow entry and starting. If that tagged identity is not detected then the car will send an alert to the Monitoring Centre where a Specialist will then call the owner to double check on the vehicle status. More advanced trackers usually denoted as a “Plus” system are equipeed with the capability to immobilise the engine or motors in some way preventing any further movement.

But Surely The Best Range Rover Trackers Will be Expensive?

Very likely, but just look at what is being protected. Even a used Range Rover is likely to fetch a high price in the retail car market since, post pandemic, the car industry is only just recovering and used cars are attracting higher prices. It just makes sense to buy the best protection available either outright or on contract. It is certainly a fact that insurance companies like them and may well offer much improved terms if one is fitted. Knowing that a tracker will make the stolen vehicle much easier to locate is a real plus point.

The Last Word

These days Range Rovers come in all sizes and trim levels and offer something for everyone, from hardcore off-road adventures to safe delivery of children on the school run. The classic and truly sumptuous full-size Range Rover tops the bill followed by the slightly smaller Range Rover Sport and the ever-growing family that includes the Velar and Evoque and hybrid versions. 

Whichever Range Rover fits the bill they all offer high levels of performance, comfort and equipment and all are equally deserving of high levels of protection. Have the last word and defeat the thieves by investing in the very best Range Rover trackers available today.

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