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Global Telemetrics launches S5 D-iD

Global Telemetrics launches S5 D-iD

Smartrack releases new cutting edge S5 solution

Global Telemetrics have released to market a brand-new way of using a smartphone as the driver identification tag for their Smartrack S5 tracker system. This means that customer’s will no longer have to remember to carry a separate fob with them when driving their vehicles.

The system has been designed with ease of use in mind and all that a customer needs to do is install the D-iD app from the Apple or Android Store. Once installed, the app will run in the background and communicate with the tracking device to confirm that the authorised user is within the vehicle when driving. If the authorised phone is not present, the 24/7 Monitored Control Centre will be alerted, kickstarting their protocol of contacting all approved contacts to confirm the vehicle’s status.

Because we always tend to always have our phones with us, this will minimise false alerts and help contribute to a user experience that is more trouble free. Quality does not seem to have been compromised for convenience though. Global Telemetrics have ensured that the S5 D-iD and S5 D-iD Plus tracker systems have undergone the Thatcham testing criteria to gain certification as S5 category security devices

You can find them and a range of other Thatcham-approved car trackers here.

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