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Protecting Yourself from Keyless Car Theft

Protecting Yourself from Keyless Car Theft

Car Theft Statistics on the rise

There were 108,542 vehicle thefts in 2021/22, which is equivalent to 297 vehicles each day. This statistic has been increasing since 2013 and has reached overall a 55% increase in thefts. With the threat of car thefts still looming, more stringent security measures are needed, like a car tracker or immobiliser.

The Office of National Statistics says that 35% are taken via keyless theft of those stolen cars. This new kind of threat makes it even easier for car thieves to bypass a car’s security system and just drive off with their stolen vehicle. Due to its growing popularity, thieves can use keyless theft technology and easily buy unregulated equipment online to help them bypass your car’s standard security system.

How Does Keyless Car Theft Work?

Keyless car theft is a relatively new form of technology that allows thieves to open, start, and steal newer vehicles without even entering your home or touching your car’s key. It’s far from the old ways of hot wiring and carjacking. This form of car theft was even highly publicised in the media recently when Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise became a victim of keyless car theft. There are three popular types of keyless entry that thieves use nowadays, and they are:

  • Relay Attack - By using two transmitters or relay boxes, thieves can open your car and access it easily. One transmitter is held close to the vehicle while the other is near to where you keep your key. Since most people leave their keys near the front door, thieves practically have easy access to the key’s signal. The transmitters then lengthen the signal from the key, fooling your car into thinking the key is actually present. 
  • OBD Compromise - The thief plugs a technical device into your car’s OBD port and fools the vehicle into thinking that your original key is present.
  • Key Cloning- Similar to cloning a credit card, thieves will take your original car keys, by any means necessary. They will then copy the data onto a new transponder to create an identical match to the original.

Protecting Your Vehicle with a Tracking Device and immobiliser

There are counter security ideas and measures that you can use to fight against these advanced car thieving methods. Installing a GPS tracker for your car would be your first choice. GPS trackers may not prevent your vehicle from being taken, but you will be alerted to its position and make its recovery much easier. Due to the increase in total loss theft claims, insurance companies look favourably on policy holders who have a tracker installed. 

You could also install an immobiliser that would prevent the theft of your vehicle in the first place. These security devices stop the engine from starting and are automatically deactivated when the signal from the paired key fob is received or when a pin sequence is entered using the buttons on your steering wheel. Although not as widely requested by insurance companies previously, more underwriters have recently started to mandate the installation of these systems.

If you like the idea of protecting your vehicle with both a car tracker and immobiliser, you should consider installing a Thatcham Certified S5 Plus GPS tracker. These systems give you the best of both worlds and combine a tracker system with integrated immobilisation

As car thieves discover new and advanced ways to take advantage of innocent car owners, the need for more sophisticated security measures keeps growing. Installing a car tracking device or immobiliser system is one excellent security measure you should invest in to avoid being a victim of car theft.

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