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Faraday Pouch

£10.00 £8.33
  • Blocks the signal from your car key
  • Prevent key relay theft
  • Modern carbon fibre look
  • Built in compartment for cards
  • Compact design

What is a faraday pouch?

For customer convenience, vehicle manufacturers are now installing push button start systems to modern vehicles. This system relies on your key to constantly transmit a signal to the vehicle and once the embedded code has been received, the car automatically unlocks and the engine can be started.  Simply put, a faraday bag has wires woven into the structure which will block this signal.

Why do I need key signal blocker?

You may think that your car is safe because the keys are inside your home however car thieves now use devices that can capture these signals and relay them to the car, allowing them to open the doors and steal the car. Key relay theft is such a problem in the UK that we made a video to warn the public on how thieves are exploiting the keyless entry feature found on newer cars.

What makes ours the best faraday pouch?

We have spent months of research and tested a fair number of faraday pouches against a range of measures such as size, looks, practicality, durability and most importantly effectiveness before deciding on the best one to add to our customer offering. On balance, this faraday bag is compact which means that it is easily transported as well as rugged which will ensure that it will stand up to wear and tear. With a compartment for cards (not lined), practicality has also been built in and with its carbon fibre effect design adorning contrasting red stitching, ultimately looks extremely stylish as well. Most importantly, we have tested it in real world situations and simply put, it works. However as with all products made with cloth materials, wear and tear can affect the performance so we recommend that you check that the signal is still being blocked periodically.

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