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OBD Protector Lock

£149.00 £124.17
  • Protect your OBD port from hacking
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany
  • Universal application
  • Solid metal construction
  • Secured with screws that have over 200 possible combinations
  • Can be removed with unique key for authorised access


On Board Diagnostic ports or OBD ports are found on every modern car to enable easy access to a car or van's diagnostic information. The system was standardised and enshrined in law to allow an owner to have their vehicle repaired at any garage. This was a great idea designed to protect the consumer as it would prevent manufacturers from restricting choice if there were different standards or specialised equipment had to be used.

When a fault occurs, an OBD reader can be used to scan for the associated fault code that has been logged within the system. These codes can then be referred against a list to help a Technician to pinpoint the exact problem and decide on a solution.

As well as fault finding, the OBD port can also be used to upload information to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), the brain that is central to the electronic systems of any vehicle. This is why manufacturers may use this to update software or re-program replacement car keys.

It is exactly this ability that criminals exploit to break into a vehicle and connect specialist equipment to an OBD port to steal it. If the car is equipped with push button start, it is fooled into thinking that the key is present and enable to thief to start the car and drive it away. If a key is required to start a vehicle using a key, a blank key can be programmed using the OBD port in minutes to steal it.

Our OBD protector lock with its robust metal construction will prevent thieves from accessing the OBD port and take away another method of theft from car thieves. The universal application nature of our lock will not affect your Warranty in any way and using the special tool that is provided will allow safe removal and re-fitting when required.

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