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Free Nationwide UK installation of your car tracker and dash cam.


Thinkware Q800 Pro Front Camera

£199.00 £165.83
  • Supplied With Hardwire Kit
  • Free delivery for self-fit
  • 2K QHD Front Camera
  • 140° Wide Angle View
  • G-Sensor Incident Detection
  • Speed Camera Alert
  • Cloud Service
  • Built-in Wi-Fi (Hotspot required)
  • Super Night Vision 2.0
  • Time Lapse Mode
  • Format Free
  • Win/Mac Viewer
  • Mobile App

The Thinkware Q800 Pro features a 2K QHD front-facing camera and enabling it to capture every little detail that you may have missed before. Not only does Sony Exmoor sensor on the Q800 record images which are 4 times more vivid than HD resolution, this system includes state of the art technology such as a parking energy saving mode monitoring system that will monitor the status of the battery and shut down if any issues are identified.

With ultra-clear, QHD image capture, the 140-degree wide angle view really enhances the quality of the images and in low light, the award-winning super night vision 2.0 really does capture the best quality footage at night.

Use Wi-Fi to access, download, delete or share footage directly to your phone and with data connectivity enabled, the impressive list of driver safety features can be constantly updated with the Thinkware Q800 Pro-

UK speed camera (Cyclops) database
Forward Collision warning System
Vehicle Departure Warning
Lane Departure Warning
Emergency record button with built-in GPS
G-sensor incident detection

The Q800 Pro really is another market leading dash cam brought to you by Thinkware that is equipped with the latest innovations and design to make your driving experience much safer.

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