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Free Nationwide UK installation of your car tracker and dash cam.


Thinkware U1000 4K Front and Rear Dash Cam

£399.00 £332.50
  • Supplied With Hardwire Kit
  • Free delivery for self-fit
  • 4K UHD Front and 2K QHD Rear
  • Energy Saving 2.0
  • Super Night Vision 2.0
  • Time Lapse
  • Safety Camera Alert
  • Road Safety Warning System
  • 150º-156º Wide Viewing Angle
  • Advanced Video Clear Technology
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Built-in GPS

The U1000 is Thinkware’s newest flagship model that delivers sharp native 4K video quality and boasts a comprehensive driver assistance warning system to help keep drivers safe on the road. Utilizing the Super Night Vision technology, the U1000 is capable of recording impressive videos in low-light environments such as dark backcountry roads and dim parking lots. The video resolution can also be downgraded from 4K at 30fps down to 2K at 60fps for smoother videos and making licence plate reading a breeze. Install the U1000 with the included CPL filter, 2K QHD rear view camera and hardwiring cable for complete, best-in-class 24/7 all-round protection.


Continuous recording mode
This mode is activated automatically when you start the engine. Recorded videos are saved in one-minute segments with an auto-looping mechanism. The one-minute clips begin to be overwritten once the dashboard camera's memory card is full, allowing full use of the SD card's capabilities. When reviewing footage, these segments are organised by a timestamp within the dashcam files.

Incident recording mode
If the camera's built-in G-sensors detect an impact, the 10 seconds of footage before and after the incident will automatically be saved to a separate section of the SD card. This prevents the Continuous Recording Mode from deleting this footage. These recordings can be easily accessed using the Thinkware App and can quickly provide you or your insurers valuable information on an incident.

Manual recording mode
In the event of an incident on the road you can press the camera's emergency button to save the previous 10 and following 50 seconds of footage. This one minute clip is saved in the dash cam's incident folder for viewing at a later time.


Smartphone App
Connect your camera to mobile data hotspot (not provided) and the THINKWARE CLOUD App will provide easy access to your Thinkware Dash Cam. Share the best driving videos to social media by simply downloading your dash cam footage into your smartphone’s photo album. Replay your latest driving videos and manage your dash cam’s settings all in one app.

Geo Fencing
Geo-Fencing allows drivers to stay alert of the vehicle location. Whether your vehicle goes in/outside of a certain radical area, U1000 will send you a push notification through the mobile app. This is more practical for the parents, rental companies, and for fleet management. The radius can be set by typing the address or by using pinpoint on the mobile app. You may set 20 different areas sizes ranging from 100m to 600km.

Driving Impact Notification
In the event of a crash, the alert feature can help the driver to notify others of an emergency situation when the driver is not in the condition to do so. The family or the owner of the car can then remotely check on the situation from their location. When the car experiences an impact with a g-force level greater than 3g or 4g while driving, the dash cam will automatically send a push notification alert of the impact to the user’s smartphone logged in to the THINKWARE CLOUD app. A 20 seconds video of the incident (10 seconds before and after the incident) is also saved on the THINKWARE CLOUD server, and a push notification alert of the video is sent to the user, which can be checked later and downloaded from the app.

Locate Vehicle
Locate Vehicle will help drivers to find the vehicle’s current location. The U1000 will update its current location every 10 seconds. Then it will display current location with speed and the heading direction integrated on Google maps.

Live View
Dial in and watch what is happening in real-time. Monitor your vehicle with your smartphone, no matter where you are.

NOTE - Cloud features rely upon a connection to a separate data connection such as a mobile hotspot (not provided)


Wide Angle View
Front View Camera - 150º + Rear View Camera - 156º. Uncompromised video coverage with the wide viewing angles, so that you are more likely to capture the footage that you need.

Super Night Vision 2.0
Videos recorded in a low-light environment, such as country lanes or car parks, may not be clearly identifiable. SUPER NIGHT VISION in the U1000 uses Image Signal Processing (ISP) technology to record a clear, visible video in any situation- while driving or parked.


Time Lapse
Time Lapse in Parking mode records footage at 2FPS, enabling the dash cam to record long periods of parking surveillance continuously without unnecessarily draining the battery power

Energy Saving 2.0
Compared to Energy Saving, Energy Saving 2.0 takes energy saving efficiency to the next level and increases the dash cam's Parking Surveillance mode up to 26 times. The dash cam conserves energy by going on standby when entering Parking Surveillance mode and wakes up to record events triggered by impacts only.

Impact Detection
Monitor any impact to the vehicle while it is parked to catch any hit-and-run driver in the act or accidental shopping trolley ding while you are away.

Motion Detection
Monitor and capture any motion around the vehicle for any potential and actual acts of vandalism.

(Professional installation required to enable Park Mode)


Safety Camera Alert
The Thinkware U1000 is equipped with an internal GPS system which provides accurate location information whilst the Safety Camera Alert function is on continuous alert to warn the driver of red lights and traffic enforcement cameras.

Road Safety Warning
The Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 is also equipped with a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Front Collision Warning System (FCWS), Urban Front Collision Warning System (uFCWS) and Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW) to ensure driver safety with an aubible warning.

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