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Trackstar S5 Advance

£599.00 £499.17
  • Free mobile installation
  • BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover Approved
  • Driver Recognition Tags - Car will not start without tags present
  • Secure GPS/GSM unit
  • 24/7/365 SOC
  • Global Coverage
  • Integrated Motion Sensor
  • Internal Battery Back-up
  • Anti-tamper Alert
  • Start Cut/Immobiliser
  • Thatcham Approved
  • Insurance Approved
  • Police Endorsed
  • Trackstar App
  • Last Known Location
  • View My Journeys
  • Geofencing

***Special Offer - 18 months subscription for the price of 12***

Trackstar are a leading brand when it comes to GPS tracker systems, the only one to be approved by Range Rover, BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover. The S5 Advance car tracker system uniquely includes immobilisation technology that means that if the driver identification tag is not present, the vehicle will not start. This latest GPS tracker from Trackstar offers everything you would need and expect from a tracker device.

Specifically designed to combat the concerning growth in key theft and cloning. Using a unique driver ID card, the vehicle’s engine can be immobilised within 30 seconds of exiting the vehicle. Deter theft and keep your vehicle safe with this innovative GPS tracker system. Police and insurance approved, motion sensors and global protection are just some of the many features of this incredible tracker solution.

Remote immobilisation may not be suitable for some electric or hybrid vehicles. A member of our friendly team is on hand to check for you.

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