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Insurance Approved Trackers

Insurance Approved Trackers

Insurance approved trackers have become an essential aspect of vehicle security over the years and finding one for your car has never been easier. As leading experts, we can talk you through all of the most suitable options, and ensure you invest in a tracker that meets all of the requirements of your insurance provider. 

Many car insurance companies have made car trackers a compulsory requirement in order to validate an insurance policy. However, not all car trackers are valid and they must meet certain criteria for validation to be successful. These are known as an insurance approved car trackers. These tracking devices can ensure you drive safely and take extra precautions when it comes to keeping your vehicle safe. As a result of this, some insurance companies could actually reward you with a lower premium once you have installed your vehicle tracker.

However, in order to reap those benefits, your tracker must be “insurance approved”. Put simply, it needs to be reliable, of a high quality, and be a deterrent to thieves. In order to ensure these boxes are ticked, most insurers will be asking for a Thatcham approved tracker

Our insurance approved trackers are equipped with all of the right functions and features to achieve high levels of security and safety for your vehicle. With the ability to prompt an instant response to theft and support fast vehicle recovery through GPS tracking, you’ll find some of the best vehicle trackers in the UK here at ineedatracker.com.

Why does my insurance provider want me to install a vehicle tracking device? 

If you are taking out a new policy or renewing an old one, it’s likely that you have been asked to install an insurance approved tracker. But why now? There has been a severe escalation of vehicle theft in the UK, which is why insurance providers are now requiring more protection for your vehicle against theft. Your insurance provider might stipulate an exact category for your car tracker (such as an S7 tracker) or they may just require any type of Thatcham approved tracker. 

Will an insurance approved tracker reduce my policy? 

Before the rise in vehicle theft, many insurance companies would reduce insurance premiums to encourage motorists to install vehicle tracking devices. Years ago, car trackers were never compulsory, however, with the rise in vehicles being stolen, the majority of insurance providers are now stipulating that an insurance approved tracker must be installed before your policy can be validated.  

What is the best car tracker for insurance?

We have plenty of different car trackers for insurance purposes available, all of which have their own unique features to keep vehicles secure. We take pride in only working with trackers that offer the highest levels of performance, technology, and reliability. From the SmarTrack Protection Pro S7 and the Meta Trak S5 Deadlock, through to the ScorpionTrack S5 - VTS Plus we have some of the best car trackers for insurance on the market.

Our insurance approved trackers are rich in features such as Driver ID Tags to offer seamless protection against some of the most advanced tactics for vehicle theft. Vehicles can be locked down via an app or online and, with additional immobilisation security features too, you can ensure your car is only able to be driven by you. Encompassing every aspect of vehicle security you would expect from an insurance approved tracker, look no further than ineedatracker.com.

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