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Cheapest Car Trackers of 2023

Cheapest Car Trackers of 2023

Car trackers are useful for GPS navigation and for protecting your vehicle from theft. Some car trackers also include additional features that may increase their cost. Here, we look at the different car tracker capabilities and benefits and recommend the best and cheapest car trackers to purchase in 2023. 

The Best Cheap Car Tracker For You Will Depend On Your Needs

The cheapest car trackers can cost as little as £59.99 but they won’t necessarily have all the features you need. Finding the cheapest car tracker is about getting the right features for you and not paying for anything above and beyond that.

Initially, you might want to spend as little as possible but paying for a higher quality car tracker with extra safety features will be worth it in the long run. 

A Quality Tracker Will Stop Your Car From Being Stolen

Car trackers can prevent your vehicle from being stolen by thieves and help you recover your vehicle if it is stolen. Car theft has become more sophisticated than simply lock picking so your defences need to match more advanced methods of theft, such as relay theft.

A Thatcham-Certified Tracker May Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium

Car insurance companies have been known to offer lower premiums for vehicles fitted with reliable and trusted car trackers, specifically Thatcham-certified trackers. This is why ineedatracker.com only stocks Thatcham-certified trackers. 

Cheapest Car Trackers of 2023 

Below, we give our recommendations for the best Thatcham-certified trackers at the best price points that meet the various requirements and preferences of car insurance companies. 

Overall Cheapest Car Trackers 

SmarTrack RECO S7

£199 + £99 yearly subscription 

SmarTrack RECO S7 special features include a backup battery so that even when the vehicle battery is disconnected it can still function. It also has multi-tracking technologies so that if the GPS is compromised it can still locate the theft. Due to the SmarTrack RECO S7 being an S7 device, this tracker may also lower your insurance premium.

Meta Trak Pulsar Tracker 

£299 + 3 year subscription included, £129.95 for another 3 years 

The Meta Trak Pulsar Tracker is ideal for tracking the theft of cars as well as caravans, trailers, machinery, boats and jet skis. Receive an alert when the vehicle is moved out of your set geo-location and track it to where it goes. This is ideal if you are likely to be in high theft or unknown areas.

Revista Telematics Tracker 

£59.99 + £11.99 a month subscription for a minimum of 2 years (£48.76 less if you pay the 2 years outright) 

Ideal for those with fleets of cars or vehicles. Revista Telematics GPS helps fleets transport their goods and tools efficiently. The reduction in journey times that the Revista Telematics tracker is capable of typically saves cars 15% on fuel. 

With Revista Telematics you can monitor the location of the car and the journey history. The device also indicates poor driving, highlighting behaviour such as: harsh braking, speeding, accelerating and cornering. 

Cheapest Car Tracker For Luxury Cars 

The high value of luxury cars makes them an even bigger target for theft. If you have a luxury car, make sure to invest in a high-quality car tracker. 

Luxury vehicles should use trackers that are certified to at least S5 standard by Thatcham Research. One of the key features of a Thatcham S5 tracker that makes it so valuable is the driver identification capability, which uses a mobile app rather than an ID fob. 

Cheapest S5 standard Tracker

ScorpionTrack S5 VTS

£379 + £13.49 a month with cheaper yearly subscriptions

The ScorpionTrack S5 VTS is the cheapest S5 tracker. It has a built-in immobiliser to stop the theft before it happens. Immobilisers are recommended for high-end vehicles due to this added level of protection. 

Cheapest Car Tracker for Safety and Security 

The best car trackers for safety and security come with a built-in immobiliser to stop theft before it happens. Whilst some S5 trackers have them, it is not a mandatory part of the classification. 

Cheap Car Trackers With Immobilisers

Ghost II immobiliser with a SmarTrack S7 Protector Pro Global backup tracker system

£499 + £199 + £12.99 monthly subscription 

This is the most economical combination of car tracker and immobiliser we recommend. The Ghost II immobiliser acts as a first line of defence against theft and the SmarTrack S7 Protector Pro Global provides a backup tracker system.

Cheapest Car Trackers That Reduce Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies use Thatcham-certified research as a sign of reliability, quality and security. Although insurers do not officially recommend these products, customers have reported that by installing a CAT 2, S7 or S5 security device they have been granted lower premiums. 

Cheapest Car Trackers That Lower Insurance Premiums

Cheapest Category 2: Sterling Excel CAT 2 Certfied immobiliser

£299, no ongoing subscription cost 

Cheapest Category S5: ScorpionTrack S5 - VTS

£379 + £13.49 a month with cheaper yearly subscriptions

Cheapest Category S7s:

SmarTrack RECO S7

£199 + £99 a year subscription 

ScorpionTrack S7 - ALS Tracker

£199 + £12.49 a month with cheaper yearly subscriptions

Cheap Car Trackers: FAQs

How Can I Track My Car For Free?

Any GPS device, from a SatNav to your smartphone, can track your car. However, the tracking these devices provide is limited to navigation and doesn’t offer the security or tracking needed in the case of vehicle theft. 

Is There a Cheap Car Tracker for International Travel?

Yes, all Thatcham-certified trackers provide coverage worldwide, which is another good reason to purchase one.

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