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Dash Cams

Dash cam technology means you can monitor your journeys so you are covered in case of an incident, helping you to feel safer on the roads. We stock only the best dash cams on the market with a variety of features to suit your needs.

In our collection you can find forward facing dash cams, as well as front and rear facing dash cam sets

Shop Wired & Wireless Dash Cams

We offer a variety of wired and wireless dash cams. Hard-wired dash cams tap into your vehicle's electrical system meaning your dash cam will always be charged and ready to go, and will capture evidence of a crash or vandalism against your car whilst you’re away. Wiring is discreet so won't get in the way. Alternatively, we have wireless dash cams if you only want to use a dash cam from time to time. 

We are able to fit any dash cam for you or you can opt to do it yourself. All of our dash cams from Thinkware, Blackvue and Nextbase include fitting with a hard wire kit.

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Dash Cam FAQs

Is It Worth Having A Dash Cam?

Yes, it is worth investing in a dash cam. 

With an increasing number of opportunists creating “crash for cash” situations, having a dash cam record the incident will help protect you against malicious claims. Some common tactics include people throwing themselves in front of a stopped car or removing the bulb from the rear lights of the fraudster’s car to make it more likely that you will be the victim by crashing into the back of them

Or you could also use captured footage to appeal parking fines. Being able to submit footage of an alleged infringement could help you overturn a ticket if sent off to be appealed. Evidence of an obscured sign or camera, confusing warnings that were not written properly or it’s a plain and simple case that the offence was not actually committed can only help your argument.

Do All Dash Cams Need To Be Plugged In?

No, not all dash cams need to be plugged in. However, the most reliable dash cams, which can monitor whilst you are parked and away from your vehicle as well as when driving, are hardwired in your vehicle. Dash cams can also be plugged into your cigarette lighter, although this means they can be more easily removed and stopped in case of theft. Wireless dash cams are available and many dash cams include battery packs as a backup. These require regular charging to ensure coverage.

What Is The Best Dash Cam To Buy?

We would recommend the following dash cams:

Do You Need A Licence For A Dash Cam?

No, you don't need a licence for your dash cam. You do need to make sure your dash cam is fitted so it does not obscure your view of the road. Popular placement is beside the rear-view mirror. You need to also avoid hanging cables blocking your road view.

It is worth noting that dash cams are legal in the UK but are not in some countries in Europe. Always check before driving your vehicle in another country.



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