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The Best Car Trackers For Land Rovers

The Best Car Trackers For Land Rovers

Range Rovers, one of Land Rovers most popular models, is one of the most commonly stolen vehicles. But, thanks to high-end vehicle trackers, they are also among the most recovered cars. Having the best car tracker fitted in your Land Rover ensures the safety and security of your vehicle, alongside other benefits.

What Should I Look For In A Vehicle Tracker For A Land Rover?

First is compatibility. Not all vehicle tracking devices are compatible or suitable for Land Rovers, or best for all Land Rovers. That’s why the careful owner will source the right car tracker from a trusted supplier. Second is features that make your vehicle practical and secure in ways that reassure you. For example, some Land Rover trackers include immobilisers, others focus on international GPS tracking, some have both.

4 Best Land Rover Trackers

Here are our recommendations for the best Land Rover trackers.

1. Trackstar S5 Advance

The Trackstar S5 Advance is Land Rover and Thatcham recommended. This tracker is a comprehensive unit. It features global coverage, 24/7 year-round remote monitoring and management and secure GPS. Plus, it is an immobiliser, includes Driver Recognition Tags, geofencing, and more.

2. Tracker Monitor

Tracker's Monitor S7 has a unique selling point: it uses Very High Frequency (VHF) technology. This military-grade patented VHF technology means that the Monitor vehicle tracker is not affected by GPS/GSM signal jammers, which are popular with thieves, and allows your Land Rover to be tracked underground and in containers – vital for vehicle recovery in the case of theft. It also includes a motion sensor that detects unauthorised movement. 

3. Trackstar S7

The Trackstar S7 is Thatcham and Range Rover approved. It is insurance approved, so it will lower your premiums and is police endorsed. Trackstar S7 offers global coverage and features a GPS tracking system that arms immediately when the ignition is switched off. Like all Trackstar devices, it has been designed and manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards.

4. Tracker Retrieve Battery Powered

The Tracker Retrieve uses the same patented VHF technology as the Monitor device from Tracker, which ensures safety and security for your vehicle. Tracker Retrieve Battery Powered has its own power system and so doesn't need to be wired into your vehicle's electrical system. It has a long battery life of up to 5 years on standby. 

Find More Car Trackers For Land Rovers

Thatcham Category S5 trackers are designed to offer comprehensive protection for vehicles. All our Thacham certified vehicle trackers are insurance approved – meaning these meet car insurer specifications and can lower your insurance premiums. 

Why A Car Tracker Is Important For Land Rover Owners

The name Land Rover is synonymous with the British rural scene. Originally appreciated as an agricultural vehicle, the all-round ability of these legendary rugged vehicles was quickly appreciated by people who wanted serious off-road ability for leisure activities as well as work. 

Today, as part of the Jaguar Land Rover company, the brand has expanded its range to include some of the most luxurious and practical vehicles available today. Most buyers focus on the prestige vehicles under the Range Rover label, but it should be remembered that the Defender range (and its ‘Series’ predecessors) were designed to be practical workhorses.

These days of course, the Defender name is attached to a very high-end model that offers unrivalled off-road ability coupled with the very latest in automotive technology. It comes as no surprise then that this model is as attractive to car thieves as other Land Rover models. It’s also the reason why owners seek out the options for the best car trackers for Land Rover models of any age.

Land Rover Tracker Tips & Advice

Car Trackers For Land Rovers: FAQs

Can I Fit One Myself?

Conceivably, as some basic trackers that plug into the 12v socket or OBD port are simple to use but it requires skilled and very knowledgeable fitting for higher-end insurance approved units which is why it is better to buy from a supplier offering free fitment by Thatcham accredited tracker installers who will even come to your home. The units are small and discreet and technicians know how to locate a device in hard-to-find places in your car.

What If I Want To Change My Car?

That’s not a problem. Choosing the right model means that the unit can be removed and re-fitted in a newly purchased vehicle. This would be a cost but is certainly a less expensive option. Also, in the same ballpark, it’s worth ensuring that the car tracker of choice can be upgraded. The technology surrounding vehicle tracking devices moves at a fast pace, so a unit that can be upgraded over time is a bonus.

Car Thieves Abroad

The stealing of cars is big business. Vehicles like the Land Rover Defender are sought after by criminals who want the luxury without the cost. It’s well known that some motors are stolen to order and once taken, would be moved into a container on the way to another country very swiftly. A car tracking device that offers at least European coverage, or better still global coverage, is a worthwhile investment. Some units will even locate a stolen vehicle inside a metal container. 

My Budget Can’t Run To Expensive Trackers

That’s a fair comment. But the real question that should be asked of oneself is “can I afford not to have a GPS car tracker?” Replacing a stolen car takes a vast amount of time and money, emotional and financial costs which should also be taken into consideration. Owners of mainstream motors who have to budget accordingly to run a car can rest easy in the knowledge that vehicle tracking devices come in at prices to suit most pockets. Just because a car is older and is not worth so much, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value to a car thief. Better to be safe than sorry.

What About Insurance?

The good news here is that car insurance companies like to see car trackers fitted. That’s why they choose to fund research. Remember that providers are not philanthropists, they are in business to make money. Drivers however can help themselves by fitting a GPS tracker and benefit from lower premiums. Some tracking devices are endorsed by the police too.

Terms To Be Aware


These two acronyms stand for Global Positioning System and Global System for Mobile (communication). One uses satellite tracking the other mobile communication to track stolen vehicles. A car tracking device that offers both these technologies combined can access this information through the car tracker provider, often via a mobile phone tracking app or onboard system which in turn means truly global coverage and hopefully, swift recovery of a stolen Land Rover. It doesn’t even matter if the unit is not in range of mobile telephone service as good GPS car trackers can record and store relevant data, like location, vehicle movements and even speed until a mobile service is reconnected.

Thatcham Approved

For many drivers, Thatcham Research will be a slightly familiar name. It’s an organisation founded and funded by the insurance industry to research, examine and recommend vehicle security measures like the best car trackers for Land Rover. Different GPS tracking devices can be found in different categories (CAT 5, CAT S5, CAT S6 and CAT S7 for example) but if a specific unit comes with approval by Thatcham then buyers can confidently assume it does what is claimed.

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